DIY Neon Cork Coasters

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Neon is back, folks. And not just back for a minute. No, it's back like 1989. Which, by the way, I am totally excited about! I happened to be born in 1986 so I kind of missed the whole 80's fashion thing. So I say bring it on so I can live it up! Anyway.... I have been needing a neon fix for a few weeks now. So yesterday when I spotted a whole section of fluorescent spray paints in Hobby Lobby I knew what I had to do. Thus, the "Neon Spray Paint Project" was born! So off to Goodwill I went to find the perfect canvases for my neon adventure. Here's what I found.....

The first thing I wanted to try was some of those amazing Neon tipped shoes that I've been seeing around Pinterest. My two favorite looks are here and here. Unfortunately, I totally ruined the shoes by spraying too much paint on them. I blame it on the excitement. *sigh* Maybe I'll be able to salvage them once they are dry and try again....

Next I went after those wicker plate holder / basket things. Everyone has seen these around, right? They are great for making paper plates sturdier, but they look like something my great, great grandma would look at and say "Aren't those just darling!". But paint these lovelies neon and look at what you've got!

Bam! Modern, funky, and totally NOT something that great, great grandma would dig! I am absolutely in love with the way the wicker basket looks in neon too! These were so easy to paint to. It went right on with not clumping and dried super fast. Perfect!

Next I tackled the corkboard. I decided to do one full board in a chevron pattern that I just taped down freehand. I cut down the other board into 4 x 4 squares to make coasters. What do you think?! Personally, I think the corkboard produced the best results. The color really pops like I wanted it too even more than it did on the wicker. I'm in heaven...

These are just a couple of ideas of what you can do with neon spray paint for almost no cost whatsoever. There are oodles more things that would be just as awesome. I've seen some great tutorials for necklaces, clothes, etc. and they are all so easy! You should get some. It will make your day really awesome.

Now I'm off to see what else I can NEONify!

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