Proud Sister

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My sister is an amazing person. She has always been the "good child" in our family so it's no surprise to me that she turned out so awesome. But you know what? Being good is actually really hard and even though she has almost always done the right thing... it didn't come naturally. It happened because she decided she was going to be good. I am so proud of her and I just want to make sure she (and the rest of the world) knows it.

Heidi and her husband Daniel are currently serving on the mission field in Thailand. This would take way more sacrifice than I am sure 99% of the world would want to take (otherwise we would be doing it too). They literally packed up their entire lives here in the United States, put their belongings in storage, said goodbye to all their friends and family and went to a country exactly halfway around the world. So yeah. I think that constitutes as someone I should be proud of.

I love you, Heidi Rose Albert Boles! You have always been my hero and you still are today. I hope that it is ok to share your some pictures of your missionary adventure on my blog. I just HAD to do some bragging today. xoxo.

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