Long Weekend

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I really enjoyed this past weekend. Darren and I took the day off work on Friday and headed down to his favorite place in the world, Dale Hollow Lake. It's literally in the middle of nowhere which is frustrating for me at times, but it is also a blessing to be forced to "unplug" for awhile. The sun was shining and the weather was close to perfect the entire time we were away and I am really missing it now that I'm home in Indiana where it's cold and rainy today. The best part of the trip was that I was able to meet up with one of my oldest friends, Sarah Beth. We met on the first day of 5th grade and our hearts were permantly knit together. She is one of those people who you may not see for years, but as soon as you are together again you start right where you left off. So here's to the lake, sunshine, and dear friends. I'm going to pretend I'm still floating on the boat and soaking up the sun on this rainy day at home.

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  1. love the 2nd shot of you with the sun making itself known in the shot! it's beautiful! (came to your blog via your etsy - super cute!) :)


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