DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Monday, November 26, 2012

As promised from my earlier post about DIY unique gift wrap ideas, today's post is an easy tutorial about how to make your own polka dot wrapping paper. This paper looks designer and chic and can be customized however you like. You can make smaller dots, bigger dots, or even do a totally different design like a chevron or honeycomb pattern! And it's a snap to do.

The only materials you will need are a roll of plain wrapping paper and a small can of spray paint. I went with Kraft paper and a gold metallic spray paint. The first step is to make a template for your design. You can use anything that you don't mind getting paint on. I have Cricut cutting machine so I just cut a circle out of the middle of a peice of cardstock. You could easily do the same thing with a punch or by tracing and cutting. Next, roll out your the wrapping paper that you want to customize on a flat surface. If you are going to be doing this inside or on your porch I would recommend you put newspaper underneath and make them stick out of the edges of the paper to protect your surface. I didn't do this and my husband about lost it when he saw what I was doing. Hahaha! He ended up being right though.... so don't make that mistake!

Then just put your template down and start spraying! I found that using a bit of washi tape on the edges of your template to hold it down on the paper. The washi tape will come right off without tearing your paper and you can keep sticking it down and pulling it up as you go.

I think I am definately going to need to try this technique in chevron or small vertical stripes! But really, how cool is it that you can make your own gift wrap like this and that it is so affordable and easy to do?! I love it!

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  1. Wow, how beautiful...almost makes it too pretty to open! I think our Christmas tree needs some pretty underneath it!


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