Being Thankful

Monday, December 10, 2012

I know... you're looking at my this post title and thinking "Umm... doesn't she know Thanksgiving is over?". But honestly, is there a rule that we can only be thankful once a year? I am declaring that rule to be stupid if there is one. I saw this on Pinterest this morning and I had to share it. It is something that we all need to be reminded of no matter what season it is and it's always true regardless of your situation. I needed this today. I needed to be reminded.


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  1. Exactly... I read and read and read the story of the Hiding Place... The Ten-Boom sisters bring to life all the reasons I live in such a blessed blessed way.....
    This morning I was preparing potatoes for canning.. and was SO glad.......... I had hands..... True Story..

    You're in my thoughts... and I will make more note to include you in my prayers.... You're a blessing to know. And a strong lady... You inspire me to keep on, keepin' on. ^_^


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