DIY Candy Corn Flower Pot

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wow, can you believe that this is the last week of September?! It's really scary to think that Halloween is right around the corner... get it?! Ba-dum-ching! Ok, I'm sorry about that... MOVING ON!  :)
This year I've been trying to do a little front porch decorating for the occasion. I'm not a huge fan of this particular holiday, but my husband and I love passing out candy to all the munchkins so for that reason I participate. One really awesome thing that I do love about Halloween is Candy Corn. I could eat that stuff all day long. When I saw a similar Candy Corn flower pot on Pinterest by Amber at Crazy Little Projects I knew I needed to make one for myself. So I did!
To do this yourself you will need the following supplies:
- Terra Cotta flower pot
- Acrylic Paint in white, orange, & yellow
- Paintbrush (any kind will work)
Now for the "how to":
>>> Step One... mark off areas for the three paint colors. You can use a ruler & a pencil and then use tape to divide the colors or just freehand it. I used tape, because I'm a messy painter.
>>> Step Two... paint your flower pot!
>>> Step Three... oh, wait! There isn't a Step Three! You're finished! How easy and awesome was that?!

Now my porch is festive and looks like one of my favorite Fall junk foods. I'm a happy lady!


  1. Such a cute a project! I also love the black mason jar by its side :)
    Stopping by from Diana Rambles. I'm pinning and following your Lovely Little Life ;)

  2. So very cute! I did a round up post a few weeks ago with all candy corn fall decor items - wish I could have included your pot!

  3. Super cute flower pot! What a fun idea for Halloween! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up to Life of the Party! Im going to share this in a Halloween roundup today!

  4. that is so simple but great. I am doing a whole bunch of super cheap outdoor halloween decor on my blog this week and I did a candy corn bunting...I would make this if I was aloud to buy plants anymore...don't have a green thumb...haha...Love your blog! so cute! I'll have to follow you on Twitter to stay posted!

  5. how cute is that!? Thanks for linking it up to our Block Party

  6. Love this idea so much I've featured it on The DIY'ers this week!

  7. how did you tape a straight line around?


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