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Friday, October 11, 2013

I have a little obsession with prints. For me, it all started with Etsy where there are SO MANY talented print designers in one place! It is amazing and I love it, but it can also start to get a little costly when you are as crazy about them as I am. Lately, Darren and I have been attempting to budget every penny that goes out the door. That means I can't just purchase a new print whenever I feel like it. Thankfully there are lots of amazing bloggers out there that have designed free prints for times like these!
In addition to tight budgeting I have personally been working on embracing what I have rather than always wanting something else. That includes my house. What better way to make a house a home than with a framed piece of unique and personalized artwork? So in keeping with that theme here is a little round-up of some prints about one of my favorite places to be... home. <3



1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Collection :) Thanks so much for including mine!
    Melissa aka LostBumblebee


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