Quick and Simple DIY Placemats

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Over the weekend my Mr. took a trip to the lake with his dad... I missed him like you wouldn't believe, BUT I was able to catch up on some crafting in his absence which was kind of great. I even got to play around with my new sewing machine! As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm still super new at learning to sew so when I attempt something new I make sure to stay very basic. I figured that placemats would be pretty easy to make since they just consist of straight lines and after looking at THIS tutorial by Wait Till Your Father Gets Home I decided to give it a go. Thank goodness I did, because I love the end result and they were even simpler to make than I realized! So here's what you do... 

Step 1 - Pre-wash and press your fabric.

Step 2 - Measure and cut your placemats. I wanted my placemats to be 13" x 18" so I cut them into 14" x 19" pieces to allow for a 1/2" hem on all four sides.
Step 3 - Press and pin a 1/2" hem on each side of your placemats.

Step 4 - Hem the placemats... and you're done! Easy peasy and just in time for Thanksgiving!



  1. Could you tell me where you got this fabric? It's exactly what I'v been looking for!

    1. I purchased this fabric at Hobby Lobby. Thank you for visiting Lovely Little Life!



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