Fridge Coasters

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fridge Coaster has got it figured out. They have created a stylish way to keep your refrigerator clean! Basically they are beautifully designed, super absorbent "liners" that fit inside every refrigerator no matter the manufacturer or refrigerator model you own. When I first learned about Fridge Coasters a couple of weeks ago I couldn't help but order some for our fridge. We are in the process of trying to sell our house so I am up for anything that I going to help me keep my house clean and look amazing. You can currently choose from Chevron, Polka Dot, or what I call the Morrocan pattern (there are more patterns to come). The color choices are Gray, Pink, Yellow, and Blue. I went with Gray since it's neutral and will be better for showing the house. Once we move I may have to go for something a little more colorful.

Needless to say my day has been pretty amazing since Darren brought a box home from the post office with these beauties enclosed...

So here is my fridge all decked out in Fridge Coaster awesomeness!

Another great thing about these guys is that I will have more incentive to keep my fridge cleaned out since I want to show them off! I know! I told you these were awesome!


  1. These are awesome! What size/set did you choose? Thanks for the link - I totally want them now!


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