Fall Mantel Decor

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I FINALLY got my fireplace mantel decked out for Fall this week. I know, I should have had this done a long time ago, but I needed to do a little shopping to get it finished and I just hadn't had the time to do that until this week. My favorite finds when I finally went to the store was the Acorn Vase I found at Target on clearance and the Vine Pumpkin that was in the dollar bin. The good thing about me procrastinating was that all the Fall stuff has already been marked down since they are setting up for Christmas in the retail world. The wreath was made by me.... it's my very first homemade wreath by the way! I think it turned out pretty good considering I had no clue what I was doing.

I love having a mantel to decorate in my house! There are so many ways you can mix it up and since it's not a huge area to decorate you can fill it up with smaller items that aren't budget busters. Love that.


  1. Looks Great!!! I'm so impressed that you made the wreath! Are you sure you've never made one before? It all looks great!

  2. Thanks so much, Jacinda! I promise I have never made a wreath before this. I really have no idea how it turned out so good! LOL!

  3. That's SO true! Everything IS marked down! You're a thinker :)
    I always tell myself that I'm going to get stuff THIS year, for next year, but then I forget. ha!
    Thanks for sharing your cute mantel!


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