iPhone Recap : October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

These pictures are at the apple orchard where we kicked off the first day of October. You can see more pictures on my "Perfect Fall Day" post HERE.
I made about 8 dozen Pumpkin Spice cookies in one day... I found a bunch of Betty Crocker cookie mixes I had purchased last year that were going to expire if I didn't make them asap. The result.... I got fat and my neighbors were happy because I shared.  :)
We took a hike to some falls at a local park with some friends from church. The fall view was gorgeous!
This historic building is a block from my house. I love living in an old, small town.
Columbus Day shopping spree!
So excited that floral / patterned leggings are "the thing" right now. I am obsessed with this trend!
This is right before we left for my very first music concert! Yes, that's right - I'm 26 and this is just just happened. It was worth the wait though. We had front row seats and Kip Moore, Justin Moore, and Eric Church were amazing. I even saw Eric Church backstage and said "hi" to him. He said "hi" back. I fainted. Ok, not really, but it felt like I could have fainted.  :)
Hubby and I took a Sunday afternoon stroll on the railroad tracks by the river down the road from our house.
Cookie Dough Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Party in my mouth.
I decided to finally try to get back in shape. I kind of let myself go a little bit after the miscarriage. It's been so long since I worked out that Simba is staring at the elliptical like "What is THIS?".
Post workout snack.  :)  Hehehe.
Croptoberfest was this month! My mother-in-law and another local Creative Memories consultant host an annual scrapbooking "marathon" in October.
Indian Summer. Sigh... I miss you already warm weather!

Some healthy food for once! I LOVE this stuff in fact. So yummy.
A box of the new solid colored Baker's Twine arrived! So exciting!

Oh Starbucks.... how I love you.
We ended the month with a cookout which included one of my favorite things ever... S'mores!

So long, October! You were lovely to me this year.

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