14 Days of Love

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

***** SPOILER ALERT : If your name is Darren Hutslar STOP reading this post right now! I'm so serious! *****

Darren and I have gradually become really bad about making it a point to surprise each other. I think it all started the year we decided to just buy our own birthday gifts so we could get exactly what we wanted (I wanted a specific pair of boots and he wanted fishing stuff). It was a great plan and we were both happy... the only bad part was that we have continued to do that for every event since then. As much as I hate getting surprised I actually LOVE being the one who does the surprising. It's so fun to be sneaky about what you are getting each other and try to keep it a secret! So last night we were talking about Valentine's Day and our wedding anniversary I suggested that we make it a point to surprise each other for at least one of these occasions. He agreed. All I could think was "Let the games begin"! 

Thanks to Pinterest, I have some really great Valentine ideas. It was actually difficult to narrow down what I wanted to do, but I kept coming back to the 14 Days of Love idea. It's giving your Valentine a little gift every day starting on February 1st - 14th. I'm planning on getting him something else for his "real" gift, but I wanted to do something a little more this year. This has been a difficult year, and he has been so strong for me. I want him to know how much that means to me. Some of the gifts are kind of corny, but the whole point is to just let him know that he is appreciated. Ashley of Mommy by Day Crafter by Night, came up with this whole idea and has the CUTEST free printables to complete this project. I rearranged the days a little bit and I'm going to customize the gifts to things that I know Darren likes. So here is the game plan!

14 Days of Love
Day 1.) You "Rock" My World
Yep, it's corny, but I'm counting on him thinking it's cute 'cause it's from me. :)
Day 2.) I'm so "fortunate" to have you
I am going to try to make some paper fortune cookies to put inside the Chinese take-out box with a Bass Pro Shop gift card ($5).
Day 3.) "Chews" me
Just get a pack of gum. Easy peasy!
Day 4.) You make my heart "bounce"
You can use anything bouncy for this. I will probably get bouncy balls because my husband will enjoy throwing them all over the house. :)
Day 5.) I "heart" you
Anything heart shaped will work for this one. There are tons of these things at Walmart & the Dollar Tree this time of year. 
Day 6.) Have a great day, "cupcake"
You could even use a Little Debbie cupcake for this. No need to go too fancy (he's a man... he won't notice the difference).
Day 7.) You're one "hot tamale"
He totally is.
Day 8.) What are the chances I have a "shot" at being your Valentine?
Darren (my husband) will LOVE this one! Yes, I know he will shoot it at me for the rest of the week, but it will make him happy so I'll deal. :)
Day 9.) Love potion no. 9
Darren isn't a Jones Soda kind of guy, so I'll probably use Gatorade for this one. Any red or pink drink will work though.
Day 10.) 10 things I love about you
Put little notes in a jar.
Day 11.) I've got a "crush" on you
Hehehe! Another silly one... oh well! It works.
Day 12.) It's a "treat" being your Valentine
Anything sweet or a special treat will work here.
Day 13.) Coupon book of love
Mommy by Day Crafter by Night has another set of free printables for this coupon book HERE. I plan to use this on Day 13.

Day 14.) Valentine's Day
On Day 14 I'll give him his actual gift and Valentine's Day card.

If you want to use this idea just head over to the Mommy by Day Crafter by Night blog HERE for all the "days of love" printables (there are even a couple more I didn't use). Wish me luck that Darren thinks this whole thing is sweet and not "creeper-ish"!

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