DIY Reusable Chalkboard Pillow Boxes

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am so excited to share this super simple project with you all today! It literally required minimal to zero brain power and definitely no crafting skills. Why am I so happy about that? Because it tells me that every single one of you can do this even if you are one of those "Oh, I'm not creative" kind of people. Seriously, watch this....

I started out with some plain Kraft pillow boxes. These are perfect for small gifts like jewelry, gift cards, chocolates, etc... (I'm thinking about Valentine's Day right around the corner). The size that I used are 4.5 x 4.5 inches wide and about 2 inches tall inside. 

Next I used chalkboard spray paint to cover the boxes. The paint didn't cost me anything since I still had a ton of paint leftover from the DIY Chalkboard Clothespin Mini Signs project I did a few months ago. Believe it or not, the pillow boxes held up to a heavy coat of paint very well! Much better than I expected. It didn't make them the least bit soggy! They are still just as strong as they were before the paint went on. Success!

Now for the fun part! You get to customize the pillow boxes however you like! There are so many possibilities. Just make sure to season the surface before you write on them for the first time. Diane with In My Own Style has some really great tips HERE on all things chalkboard art. 


  1. At first I thought these were pillows and I was confused! LOL! Silly me! I still need to get back to you via email!!

  2. What does "make sure you season the surface area first" mean?


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