Snow & Sunday

Sunday, January 6, 2013

As most of you know, December and January in Indiana this year have been somewhat snowy. We got a blizzard (yes, it was a REAL blizzard) on Christmas day that sadly Darren and I missed since we were in Virginia visiting my family. I usually don't like snow, but I have actually been enjoying it this year. I guess that seeing the pretty white on everything is better than seeing all the dead grass and dark colors underneath which is our usual winter scenery. So yeah... I'm happy that the snow is still around! AND apparently (just found this out) it makes a beautiful background for picture taking (case and point below)!

So here I am in my Sunday best. Have I told you all how in LOVE I am with Hunter Green this winter? I have never been a fan of the color before, but all of the sudden I'm OBsessed with it. So just look at my cute bag... ignore the obviously unexperienced model in the picture.

Coat : Land's End  Bag : Kohl's (Vera Wang)  Dress : Target (old)  Cardigan : Gap (old)

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