DIY Fabric Softener Dryer Balls

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am a huge fan of anything that will save me money. Who isn't?! I'm always on the lookout on Pinterest of ways that I can do it myself or cut costs especially when it comes to household products. When I saw this idea on my favorite "make your own" website, One Good Thing by Jillee, I immediately knew I had to make them! Without further ado let me tell you how you can save time, money, and electricity all at once by making your own fabric softener dryer balls!

According to Jillee, when you use dryer balls it can entirely eliminate the need for fabric softener as well as cut your drying time in half. As if that wasn't enough they can last for 7+ years, reduce static cling, and are 100% chemical free! Now that I've tried it I can tell you that Jillee wasn't kidding. These things are phenomenal!

Check out Jillee's tutorial HERE for instructions on how to construct your dryer balls. It is so easy to do! The only thing you need to purchase is a skein of 100% wool yarn. This can be found at any craft store. Also if you want to add a little scent to them just drop a bit of essential oil on them. I used Lavender oil from Fabulous Frannie on Etsy. 

Have fun saving tons of money! You're welcome.  :)

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