iPhone Recap : April 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mocha Cookie Crumble = Heaven

Infertility appointments galore = the opposite of a Mocha Cookie Crumble

Picnicking by the river with my baby.  :)

Still obsessed with making smoothies practically every day!

And of course I'm still practicing a bad habit of drinking a mocha every day too. Tried to stop, but what's the point of depriving myself of something so wonderful?  :)

Good hair day!!!

Time to get our garden on! We made it even bigger this year. Can't wait to see how we do!

Jen & I waiting to see Giuliana and Bill. Can you tell we were a little excited?!

We had the perfect evening to end the month last night so I sat in the yard and watched the sun go down on the day.

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