Painted Birdhouse Makeover

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Most of the projects that I do instantly inspire me the moment I see them. I'm a visionary like that. I can literally look at a piece of junk and know how I want to make it new again right away. This birdhouse... not so much. At first I thought it was the color that I didn't like, but maybe it was the vines that were wrapped around the bottom? Regardless, for reasons I can't be sure of, it didn't grab me and beg for a makeover at first like most of my projects do. It was my mom's and when she moved it went in the yard sale pile. As a joke, my father-in-law put it out in front of my house to see if I would notice (I'm a woman, so of course I noticed). I left it there out of pure laziness, but after awhile it started to grow on me and eventually it called my name.

Those of you that subscribe to HGTV Magazine may have noticed the coupons for free Valspar paint from Lowes that have been in the last two issues. When the hubs and I picked up our free paint we chose a bright coral. When we got home from the store... bazinga! It hit me! The birdhouse would be PERFECT in that shade! And the rest is history...

Don't. You. Just. LOVE. It?! I think it's totes adorbs and it was just the color pop that I needed in front of our otherwise neutral home exterior! So thanks, father-in-law. Your attempt to be annoying turned into something I now adore!


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