Mind Over Matter

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm pretty sure my husband is sick of hearing me say this lately. I have kind of adopted it as "my" phrase over the past couple years. Like when I'm exhausted and don't want to get off the couch to do the dishes. I tell myself, "Mind over matter... I'm not that tired. I can do this!" Or like the first time Darren had to stab me in the stomach with a hormone shot and I kept saying "Mind over matter... it won't be that bad. Just do it!" Haha! Seriously though, it really wasn't that bad!

For some reason us humans can really make things seem a lot worse than they actually are. We psych ourselves out, we get all worked up about something little, or we say "I can't". I don't know why, but sometimes simply saying this phrase to myself helps me get over those things. It reminds me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and that I can do it if I just decide I am going to.

So there's your random pep talk of the day! I don't know why this is on my brain... I guess I just needed to hear it myself. Oh well... if you get nothing else out of this you at least have a new motivational saying to pin to your "Quotes" board on Pinterest. LOL!

Happy Monday! I wish you a lovely week, my friends! Remember, you can do it! Keep going! Mind over matter!  :)

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